Today’s Word: ‘Creativity’ as in… Creativity was breathed into us from the very beginning.

At the very beginning, we had little if any trouble expressing that creativity. We sat in our high chairs and made boats and fish with our spaghetti noodles. We made rivers and lakes with the sauce. We imagined new opportunities during rain showers which turned dirt into a remarkably useful artistic medium: mud. With that mud we made everything from replicas of our current family members to the buildings we imagined. We took handfuls of dirt and recreated old family members and even imagined new ones. And with a strange impulse coming from who-knows where at that age, we took those lumps of earth and dirt and breathed life into pets and parents, buffalos and brothers and snakes and sisters and fish and friends.

And continuing to follow that generative impulse, we gave each of them names.

And as we looked at those creations that we had made in our image of them—made in the image we had in our little creative minds, we declared right then and there: “it is good, it is very good.”



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