Today’s Word: ‘imagine’… as in –


As kids we used to find empty packs of Camel cigarettes on the ground. With our imaginations on fire, we’d pick it up and look at the front – the panel showing a camel, a pyramid and a palm tree. This was a set up. Then someone would ask: “Where would you rather sleep…under the palm trees, next to the camel or by the pyramid?” Assuming those were the only choices, an unwitting participant would usually pick the palm trees. Like you do. Who wouldn’t want to sleep there? How exotic, right? But not constrained by those three choices, we’d turn the pack over where, on the opposite side was the image of a grand hotel. I mean, a really grand hotel. We’d then announce that we’d be staying there.

A binary world is unimaginative. Using our imagination, thinking outside the box, or carton, or package is much, much more creative.



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