Today’s Word: ‘Innovation’ as in… channeling my inner Seth Godin:


Don’t wait to get picked, asked, or chosen. Don’t wait to ponder, assess, or over-think. As my dad told me a thousand times, “Just get in there and pitch!” (pre-Nike!) This is the first step toward the power of innovation.

Sure, there will always be risk in innovation. Someone will tell you that you need to wait your turn, really hone your skill, make sure you’ve got everything all lined up. You need to think about it then get permission. You need to look before you leap. (Well, that one could be helpful). Just get in there and pitch! Volunteer, offer yourself.

Innovation isn’t just about painting the Mona Lisa or writing a bestseller or nailing the song on the first take (although that certainly could happen). Go ahead and volunteer to read to that class of kindergartners! Just get in there and let the God-breathed creativity that you inhaled with your very first breath make its way out and beyond you today. Inhale then exhale this sacred oxygen. Innovation is about breathing out what you’ve first breathed in. There I said it.




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