Holden Village.jpgToday’s Word: ‘COMMUNITY’ as in… Holden Village, an ecumenical retreat community in the Cascade Mountains of the Wenatchee National Forest in Washington State.

My life has been deeply shaped by this vibrant, supportive and spirited renewal community. Visiting the village nearly thirty times through the years, as both a guest and a staff member (in the kitchen, of course), I have developed a deep love and appreciation for the relational rhythms of community, the restorative rhythms of renewal through transformation and the forward call to spirited mission through Christian service.

Poignantly, powerfully, it was while visiting Holden Village at Easter in 1980 that all three of these rhythms came together as I responded to the call to ordained ministry on Easter Sunday.

Nearly 40 years later I’m still so deeply grateful for the Holden Village community where the daily rhythms of thriving life continue: hospitality, creativity, community, worship, silence, prayer, reading, singing, serving, reflecting—the rhythms of sabbath.

Take a moment today and think about the communities that have most shaped you. What was it about that community and the people in that community that shaped you?



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