respectingToday’s Word: ‘respect’ as in… This too is an amazing gift, and the gift is created when we both bring respect to the center of who we are together.

I give you my respect, you give me your respect and together we create deeper, healthier relationships.

And then the party really gets going!

Respectful relationships are marked by all kinds of goodness: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentles and self-control – good fruit. There is celebration simply for the connectedness that is shared. There is admiration for all of the amazing gifts and abilities that rise to the top. There is gratitude for how the best in you and the best in me work together to create something even better for the world… something even better for the world!

So it really does begin right here and right now with us. The rhythms of respect that we live into will be a witness to others of how to live with awe and grace, honor and love for each other. Even when we disagree.



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