Orcas IslandToday’s Word: ‘restoration’ as in… February.

Nancy Lee and I will be “Stepping Back” to the Restorative Rhythms of Sabbath. We’ll travel to Northwestern Washington State, not far from my home town, and settle into one of the quieter corners of Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands.

For one month and with the gift of unhindered time, renewal will come by stepping back to the rhythms of restoration. We’ll go hiking and biking, walk some beaches and explore the tidal waters of that beautiful setting without the persistence of schedules, deadlines and agendas.

Along with practicing the spiritual disciplines of daily journaling, meditation and writing, restoration will come through simply reveling in the gift of extended time to do more than simply skim, speedread and highlight my way through the works of the authors that continue to shape my life without the insistent questions: “How will I teach this or preach about that?”

Where could you use some restoration in your life? How could you make that happen?



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