Sabbath couchToday’s Word: ‘Sabbath’ as in… ‘rest’ ‘margin.’ Sabbath, as in taking time and making room on a regular basis to step out of chronos moments (time within measurable time) and stepping into the kairos moment (time beyond time; the opportune time).

As I continue to learn about thriving rhythms in our lives I have a deeper appreciation for the rhythms that create wonder and awe, life and aliveness. There are seven rhythms that I lean into every day. I am (we all are) spirited, creative, connected, present, grateful, generous, and missional. But baked into all of these rhythms is the rhythm of sabbath. The rhythm of rest and space and margin and bandwidth, tending to sabbath, tending to rest – the rhythms of sabbath – create a deeper awareness of and appreciation for what it means to be fully human. Sabbath is integral to a healthy life, integral to being fully alive that those rhythms are fully lived.

How we respond to the analytics about how much screen time we use on our devices each month should tell us something.



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