canoeToday’s Word: ‘Space’ as in… Empty, as in a nest.

When our son left for college and our home was “empty” of the sounds of the pattering of little feet that had grown up there, Nancy Lee and I went on a canoe trip through the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota to celebrate our new reality.

On an impossibly beautiful, warm, gently breezy afternoon we were floating in our canoe in the middle of the lake. After a long stretch of quiet thought, Nancy Lee asked:

“What does ‘empty nest’ mean to you?”

That was a great question. It still is.

After a few more thoughtful moments I said,

“It means having more space to explore new and different things.”

When we experience space in our lives, the widening of time, when we create some ‘breathing room’ in our otherwise often frenetic schedules, we find a new and often different space to discover what’s right in front of us.

Where do you need space in your life today? How will you make room for that space? What kind of emptying do you need to do?



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