Thin Places

Thin Places 5

Today’s Word(s): thin places’ as in… an instance, those places, that moment where the distance between heaven and earth nearly touch.

We experience this – perhaps often, but just try to describe it! Let me give it a try.

Rooted deeply in the Celtic tradition, a “thin place” is where the veil between what we would call heaven and what we know as earth is nearly transparent. It’s a place where we experience a deep sense of God’s presence in our everyday world. A thin place then, is where, for just a brief moment, the spiritual world and the natural world intersect.

You get this, don’t you?

It’s that moment when your 6 year-old granddaughter looks at you and just says, “I love you…” or she points to herself, then makes the heart shape with your two sweet little hands, and then points to you.

It’s what you experience when you watch the sun rise over a mountain or the sunset in to the ocean.

It’s what you experience when you walk into a bakery and smell the aroma of the bread just out of the ovens.

It’s what you experience when you put that first spoonful of tomato basil soup in your mouth and it makes you sit back and close your eyes as you swallow.

It’s what you experience when you touch or are touched and you say to yourself, this is absolutely Divine.

Because it is.

There are moments when we do feel God, Spirit, the Sacred, the Divine leaning into our world, leaning into us. When that happens we feel very connected to and “in tune” with God. This is more than a cognitive, intellectual knowing. It’s an experience of what we might call spirited knowing. We say something about feeling it ‘deep inside’. This experience of a moment or a place where the physical and natural everyday world merge into a thin line is well rooted in biblical history. But it was the Celtic Christians who gave the descriptive phrase “thin place” to it.

It’s in this thin space that we might say something like “Wow”, “Whoa”, or “Amen”.

Or we’d more likely not say anything at all.




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