Stepping Back

Today’s Word: ‘Stepping Back’ as in… don’t just do something, sit there.


Every day we have an invitation to reconsider the ancient wisdom from the Hebrew scriptures that reveals a remarkable “six-and-one” rhythm for thriving life: Six days on, one day off. This is so important that it’s been intricately woven into the fabric of our lives as human beings since The Beginning: six days of creating, making and doing things, one day of resting, partying and celebrating.

In February Nancy Lee and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and made our home-away-from- home on Orcas Island in the middle of the Salish Sea. With the gift of unhindered time, renewal took place by stepping back into the rhythms of restoration and embracing the things I love to do but because of the mandates of ministry have had limited time to do them. Hiking and walking beaches, exploring hidden lakes and tidal waters in this beautiful setting without the persistence of schedules, deadlines and agendas breathed a new spirited oxygen into me. Along with daily reading, writing, journaling, and tending to a project known as #100days50words, restoration took place by simply reveling in this gift of extended and expanded time to focus on what it means to be a human being instead of a human doing. What I discovered was that this time was preparing me not simply to brace myself for a future but more importantly, this time was preparing me to more fully embrace the future I was meant to live into. Stepping back and embracing the rhythms of renewal, restoration, and reinvigoration is preparing me for a spirited reintegration with the community at and beyond Prince of Peace. With that kind of reinvention going on, I am better prepared and more equipped than ever to know how to step forward.

But enough about me already. Let me ask you this: What is it that you’re doing that makes you feel more like a human doing and less like a human being? How challenging would it be to welcome one day to unplug, to turn it off, to set it aside and do something different. How could you practice a healthier thriving rhythm of “six-and-one”? Let’s get there together! Let’s step back!


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