Stepping In

617A9060-C1C7-45A4-ADEC-4657BB03FE3BToday’s Word: ‘stepping in’ as in… every day we have a sacred invitation to continue stepping in to life, and more life.

By stepping in to life we enter other’s lives bearing witness to the grace that we’ve been given and shed more light on what it means to be human. A little more life and aliveness – we could all use some of that!

Nancy Lee and I spent January stepping in to the rhythms of life with our daughter Sarah, Travis and our three granddaughters. We continued to affirm the essential roles that family – especially grandparents – play in the lives of children. Deeper life and aliveness took place daily with countless trips to schools, libraries, grocery stores, restaurants, parks, pools, health clubs, bike trails, coffee shops, museums, historical sites, and yes, even a skating rink. That’s right: an old school, indoor, wood floor, roller skating rink. With loud music. And that musty aroma of sweat and popcorn. It’s earthy. And it’s lovely. Also, by stepping in to the thriving rhythms of their faith community, Nancy Lee and I had the rare opportunity to worship together, to sit together and sing and pray and read and think and laugh and cry, rinse and repeat, hand in hand all while stepping in to the lives of so many new friends and extended family. As we did that we gained fresh perspectives on worship, discipleship, faith formation and spirited growth – healthy rhythms of life, and more life! By stepping in to that kind of spaciousness and that kind of sabbath, I’m now better prepared and more equipped than ever to know when to step back and how to step forward.

But enough about me already. Let me ask you this: What is it that you’re stepping into that because of your willingness to do that enriches the lives of others? Get in there! Step in!


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