BaptismToday’s Word: ‘Dip’ as in… dipping, as in sprinkle, plunge, immerse, cover, as in… baptism.

Each month I meet with parents to talk about and plan for the baptism of their children. The conversation covers a wide range of topics – from the Crossing of the Red Sea and how it relates to parenting, to the meaning of names and the power of identity. We also wade (no pun intended) into every imaginable question relative to baptism:

“Why do we still do this? Wasn’t it part of an ancient culture a long time ago in a land far away?” “Where do I stand, what do I say, how do I hold my baby over the font without dropping her in it?”

Parents love to get together and talk about what it’s like to go through this stage of life. Some of them just love to get out of the house for a while!

At some point I have the parents consider who’s in the room. I ask them to think about the potential for their children.

“Who’s in the room?”

Is there a musician in the room? Is there an athlete in the room? Is there a doctor, a nurse, a writer, a mechanic, a pastor, a retail sales person in the room? Is there a mentor, a singer, a painter, a road worker, a poet, a pilot, an Uber driver, a magazine editor, a listener, a speaker, a diplomat, a president, a day-care provider, a teacher in the room?

Is there someone in the room who will one day discover a cure for cancer? Imagine that! Just imagine God’s Dream unfolding in and through our kids! Imagine God’s Dream and how God calls us to partner in ways we can only imagine! Who’s in the room? What a great question!

In the midst of all of that, we know this for sure: God is in the room, the Spirit is always present. Our kids and grandkids are learning about the Creator, the creation and how we’ve been created to be creative! It’s a great conversation, for sure! So let’s have it!

As an aside, I have the privilege of doing most of these baptisms. They don’t call me the ‘Big Dipper’ for nothing.


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