Tahiti FeetToday’s Word: ‘seventh’ as in… a break, a gap, some margin, resting, and emptying.

Someone asked me yesterday (Sunday) if I’d forgotten to post Today’s Word.

I hadn’t.

Posting on weekdays and Saturdays while making a conscious decision not to post on Sundays is part of the rhythm of “six and one” that I’m trying to practice in my life: six days on, one day off. It’s a challenge.

This “six and one” rhythm goes back to last December when I began paring an image with a few thoughts about healthy rhythms in our lives. Since then I’ve posted over one hundred Today’s Word(s) every day except Sundays.

Actually, this “six and one” rhythm goes all the way back to the beginning of the Hebrew Scriptures in the book of Genesis. You may recall that God gets God’s creative groove “on” for six days and then there is the seventh, as in the seventh day, a day for rest and re-creation. The intention of this “six and one” rhythm has always been for our benefit.

The seventh day in our lives could use some attention.

I’ll speak for myself, but you’re welcome to join me in this.

The seventh is a day not to hunch over and look into a screen for all of the reasons that we usually do that, but rather a day to look up and into the beautiful faces of the people around us giving time and attention to the nuances of their words and ideas, their challenges and celebrations.

The seventh is a day not to work our fingers to the bone, but rather a day to rest our brains and move from the tyranny of schedules, deadlines, and agendas toward filling our hearts with the rhythms of relationships, experiences and opportunities.

The seventh is a sabbath; a day of rest, of margin, a gap day, a deep and wide-space-for-breathing kind of day. It’s a day to do other things.

Or maybe a day to do nothing at all.


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