IMG_0892Today’s Word: ‘Detail’ as in… Leviticus, the punching bag of the bible, as in… the third book of the collection of ancient letters, poems, and stories where, not more than four verses into chapter one the reader hits the “Levitical Wall.”

I know, right? Leviticus? I’ve been in this amazing book for four months and while it’s no picnic, it certainly lays out how to have a party.

It’s all there: how to practice gratitude, why it’s essential to make sure everyone has enough to eat, a place to sleep, meaningful work, how to manage broken relationships, Who it is that calls us into life and more life.

But why all of the detail? Why all of the absolutely mind-numbing minutiae about where this goes and where those things belong and why we do this when that happens? It’s because the ancient Hebrew people had been living for generations under the oppression of rulers who had forced them to measure their worth by how many bricks they could make in a day, a week, a month, a year. So when they were finally free, they headed off into the Wilderness to learn about who they were and what it means to be human because that’s where we go when we need to relearn and reimagine our lives! They had no idea how to live with each other in this new freedom, no idea how to manage relationships and seek fulfilment.

Enter Leviticus…

Some detail about how to love and care for each other, how to manage what we’ve been given so that everyone has enough, how to make changes when a few people have most of the resources, how to honor the earth and care for it, how to live more fully and freely, how to say thank you to the Creator. The only way to learn that is to begin with detail. A lot of detail. Sort of like how one of the first things you learned to do as a kid was make your bed.

You did make your bed this morning, right?


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