Playtime (for Ruby Grace)

Today’s Word: ‘Playtime’ as in… what do you do when you’re daughter is in labor? You play piano. You write a song.

Just like this…

Six years ago on a Friday evening, February 8, 2013, my phone lights up with a text message from Travis: “Sarah is having contractions 8 minutes apart. This could be it!!!” My first instinct was to sit at the piano. Charlottesville, VA is a long way from Burnsville, MN. The only way for me to “be there” was to play some strength and love into the universe and toward Sarah and the new life that was emerging. Two hours later, sweet Ruby Grace was born, and her song, “Playtime’, was well on its way. It was a moment in time filled with thriving rhythms of Spirit, creativity, connection, gratitude, mindfulness, generosity, and even mission as the notes, progressions, tones, measures, keys, sound and love combined to create life, and more life.

On most standard pianos there are only 12 different notes, 12 keys in each of the 7 octaves (give or take a minor third). But with just those 12 notes, an infinite number of combinations creates endless beautiful music. The magic, the mojo, the mystic sauce, the music comes from arranging and rearranging endless combinations of those 12 notes. As Ruby Grace was being birthed, her own particular and unique combination of thriving rhythms was already inspiring a song. While making her way into the world, there were all kinds of rhythms and progressions of sound, and lovely, wonder-filled music making it all happen.

A little over 6 years later, ‘Playtime’ continues. The really good news is that now we’ll only be 20 minutes apart. The Hoonies are moving to Saint Paul! Music to my ears!


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