Natialie High HeelToday’s Word: ‘Natalie’ as in… our amazing friend Natalie who shares her beautiful story:

“Tonight I stopped by Target to quickly pick up an adult beverage that nobody else stocks. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed an elderly woman gingerly shuffling out of her car. I parked my minivan about halfway down the row and caught up to her as she, cane in hand, painstakingly stepped away from her parking spot. “Tell me what it’s like to walk in heels,” she said. “It’s been a very long time since I walked in them. Actually, a very long time since I walked normally.” I joked that they hurt my feet, and we laughed about it. She said some very flattering things to me, and I offered to walk with her inside. We learned we both have three boys (she also has two daughters). She told me her name, Annie, and I told her mine. “You’re probably too young to remember Natalie Wood,” she commented. “That’s actually who I was named after,” I said. “Well you certainly could pass for her,” Annie said. “She was just beautiful.” My new friend then said she needed to give me a hug — right inside the entrance vestibule — because talking to me made her day. I think the sentiment behind the hug was mutual. We chatted for a while longer, about life and getting older and memories and how things change and how we have so much do to. She wants to get an Apple Watch and an iPhone “to go big before I croak.” I want to get the courage to be as bold as Annie, for the same reasons. We made our way to a motorized courtesy cart that we were delighted to have found charged up, and shot the breeze a little more. But as she went off in her direction and I went off in mine, I couldn’t help but take note of how small moments in ordinary places can have such a profound impact when two people slow down to turn a walk into a journey.”

[Thank you Natalie! pg]


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