contemplationToday’s Word: ‘Contemplation’ as in… one day out of every seven days we have an opportunity to dial it way back; to rest, renew, recharge, restore; to contemplate different rhythms of life and aliveness.

But we generally don’t.

There’s something intoxicating about always going, running, doing. So practicing the rhythm of sabbath is a continual challenge. Even the ‘work’ of ‘practicing’ sabbath seems a bit counterintuitive. Yet, we continue to lean into the rhythm at least one day a week with the hope that the rhythm will eventually lean into us.

Time set aside each week to ‘be’ rather than to ‘do’ is a different kind of time than we observe the other six days. “Deep Time” as Richard Rohr calls it, invites us into a kind of timelessness that creates space to rethink, reimagine and reemerge at some point. Here’s a gem from Richard:

“To be a contemplative is to learn to trust deep time and to learn how to rest there and not be wrapped up in chronological time. Because what you’ve learned, especially by my age, is that all of it passes away. The things that you’re so impassioned about when you’re 22 or 42 don’t even mean anything anymore, and yet you got so angry about it or so invested in it. So, this word contemplation — it’s a different form of consciousness. It’s a different form of time.”

Enjoy some of this different time tomorrow. Give yourself a rest. Can you do without your watch? Can you do without your phone? Can you do without your computer? Perhaps freeing up that space will create some ‘breathing room’ for you. Contemplate that for a while. Back on Monday.


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