DecisionsToday’s Word: ‘decision’ as in… Go ahead and make it!

I’ve often said that three of the most strategic and important words in the Hebrew Scriptures are “So Abram went…” Genesis 12:3 provides a way of looking at the art of making strategic and important decisions every day.

God challenges Abram with a road trip. Abram will leave everything safe, secure and known and head into the dangerous, risky and unknown. Hearts are pounding, right? God says leave your country, your family, and your home. What’s not secure about that? Well, everything! But along with the challenge, God provides something else: a promise. God says “I will…” provide a new place. This is about a place to both be and to become. God says “I will…” make of you a great nation. This is about bringing our Spirited influence into wherever we are in order to bring new life to others. God says “I will…” make you a blessing to others. This is about bringing impact not just to make a difference in the world but to make a different world altogether. God says “I will…” multiply blessing through you. This is about creating a momentum for peace and justice in the world.

Abram must have sensed that this would be a tall order. But we know two things for sure: Abram went and God made good on the promises. The best way to make difficult decisions is to ask ourselves four strategic and important questions:

  • Will my response to God’s call bring a deepening sense of being and becoming in and through my life?
  • Will my response to God’s call allow me to bring my own unique influence into the lives of others?
  • Will my response to God’s call create a positive impact on the lives of the people involved in this decision?
  • Will my response to God’s call bring the blessing of life and aliveness to everyone?

If so, then may it also be said of us that we went headlong into the decisions we make today with God’s promise.


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