Paul and Rob

Today’s Word: ‘disciplines’ as in… spiritual disciplines and practices that breathe new life and aliveness into us and connect us to the Spirit, the Divine, our Source.

I love this… someone from the crowd asks Rob if he has any specific spiritual disciplines that he practices. And of course we’re thinking about his riveting journey through Leviticus and his love for Hebrew words, the parables and all of that.

Rob pauses, and says,

“Oh sure…” and then launches into his litany of spiritual disciplines: making breakfast for his kids, taking his daughter to school, spending a couple hours surfing in the ocean; in water that has the same salt content as a mother’s womb, then back home to focus on creative work (podcasts, writing) then onward into the afternoon.

The point he is making is about rhythms and how important the discipline of thriving rhythms are to living into what it means to be fully human.

So good! Raise your glasses!


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