Today’s Word: ‘Generous’ as in… generous love creates generous love; as in… that brief moment in time when love pours over everything and time briefly stands still; as in… those timeless (kairos) moments that happen within measurable (chronos) time when the generous action of a child reminds us that generous love creates generous love.

Here’s how that looks:

It was a mystically generous moment when Ruby Grace looked right at me in a way that caught my attention, slowed me way down, then stopped me all together. As I was looking at her and she was looking right into me, she simply said, “I love you…” There was a brief pause. And then, just to make sure that I understood her completely, she smiled, pointed to herself, made a heart shape with her two sweet little hands and then pointed back to me.

Generous. Generous. Generous.

Nothing prepares you for that moment. And nothing more could have been said in that thick, juicy, full, wide, deep and boundlessly generous moment. Generous love creates generous love.

Try some of that today!

And be generous.


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