Perspective DandelionToday’s Word: ‘perspective’ as in… there are always several different ways to look at things.

I walked toward a field of ripe Taraxacum officinale yesterday. Most of the time we just call them dandelions. As I came up out of a low spot and up into the field, there was a moment when I was nearly eye level with – not just a few here and there, but nearly eye level with thousands of round white puffballs, often called “blowballs” or “clocks” that disperse their parachute-shaped seeds into the wind.

When I was a kid I would pick the yellow flowers and bring them home to my mom, much to her delight. Days later when the yellow flowers had ripened, I’d pick them and blow the seeds into the wind, much to my dad’s disgust. I remember him chiding me about spreading this weed all over our yard, not to mention the whole neighborhood. While it wasn’t necessarily a noxious weed, my dad certainly thought it was an obnoxious weed.

Well, that’s one way to look at it. But there’s also another way to look at it, because there’s always a few ways to look at things, right?

Who knew that dandelions could be used to make infused oil and salves for massages or that dandelions can be used in vinegars, syrups, soaps, lotions and lotion bars (seriously, I’m not making this up). And did you know that dandelions can also be used in tea, honey and cupcakes! Did I mention also bath bombs?

So here’s the deal: when I walked into the field of a thousand ripe dandelions, a whisper that sounded just like my dad’s voice began challenging the scene. But in the next moment another voice, a sweet voice that sounded just like my mom’s kind voice invited me to see this field from a thousand different perspectives that led me to a moment of thriving wonder.

There are always several different ways to look at things. You’ll no doubt see things today that will make you wonder. Maybe that’s the gift in all of this.


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