Poem Mary Oliver I Wake Close To MorningToday’s Word: ‘Poem’ as in… one a day will loosen you up.

In a conversation about daily rhythms, Eugene Peterson once told me that reading poetry often was a healthy, spirited, practice for him. No wonder his translation of the book of Psalms in The Message Bible is so engagingly beautiful.

So Nancy Lee and I took his advice and have read some of our favorite poets. Of course, Mary Oliver often finds a way into our day. There really is something to reading poetry often. I find that it “warms up” my creative process. To dwell in someone’s poem for a while—not just reading through it, but really entering into it loosens up both sides of my brain and stirs my heart.

Mary Oliver’s poem, “I Wake Close To Morning” does that for me. I want to invite you to read this poem. Read it twice, or even three times, and let the words settle over you, wrap around you and find a way into you. Let them hold you.

“I Wake Close To Morning”

Why do people keep asking to see

God’s identity papers

when the darkness opening into morning is more than enough?

Certainly any god might turn away in disgust.

Think of Sheba approaching

the kingdom of Solomon.

Do you think she had to ask,

“Is this the place?”

~ Mary Oliver


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