Pull Clay PigeonToday’s Word: ‘PULL’ as in… make a decision, get going on it!

Trapshooting is for many an exciting outdoor activity which involves a great deal of skill in focus, aim and determination. Shooting trap, or as others call it: shooting skeet, clay pigeons, or sporting clays is, for the uninitiated, an activity where in trap shooting, the targets are launched from a single “house” or machine, generally away from the shooter, in skeet shooting, targets are launched from two “houses” in somewhat “sideways” paths that intersect in front of the shooter, and Sporting clays includes a more complex course, with many launch points. Simply put, someone tosses a target in the air and someone else, with a shotgun, shoots and tries to hit it.

I am very mediocre at this. But my sweet bride is, in a word, spectacular. Last time we did this, Nancy Lee was able to consistently hit far more clay targets than I did. There is a very dynamic moment in all of this when the trap-shooter, the trap-thrower and the crowd of spectators all, more or less, hold their breath and wait for the trap-shooter to signal for the release of the clay target. When the trap-shooter is ready, he or she yells “Pull!” At that very instant all kinds of things happen all at once: the trap-thrower launches the clay target. The trap-shooter focuses on and takes aim at the clay target now sailing into the air, determined to hit it. And the crowd, for their part, intently follows all of this waiting for the shooter to finally pull the trigger and hit the clay target. “Pull!” This sets a lot of things in very dynamic motion.

Today, you’ve got some very important things to do. “Pull!”

Today, focus on those important decisions that you’ve been putting off. “Pull!”

Today, take aim at the things that are most necessary to move you forward. “Pull!”

Today, you’re very determined to hit your target. “Pull!”

How long can you hold your breath?



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