IMG_4253Today’s Word: ‘REMEMBER’ as in… Memorial Day Weekend, a time to remember with gratitude.

From beginning of time, the faith community has been a remembering people. The rich story of God’s work among people has depended on people remembering. Before a word of scripture was ever written down, it was first remembered. The stories of God’s faithfulness were remembered around campfires in the desserts, in villages in the mountains and at eh edge of lakes. People have remembered the ancient stories of faith through traditions, celebrations, activities.

In our lives together today, stories of God’s faithfulness continue. We remember that God’s work of rescuing the ancient people of Israel from oppression in Egypt is a reminder that God still rescues us from the things that oppress us. We remember God as provider of bread for the journey by sharing the meal Jesus shared with his followers; a reminder that all people are always welcome at The Table. We remember our baptism as a reminder that God has chosen us in love, named and claimed us and made us a community together in Christ. And we remember every time we gather to worship that it’s a little Easter and that the power of the first resurrection is still at work in our lives right here, right now. Remembering is reminds us who we are and whose we are.

To remember where God has led us is to trust where God is leading us. Remembering is powerful in our lives. It leads to gratitude which leads to life and more life.


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