Superhero-kidsToday’s Word: ‘SuperHeroes’ as in… remarkable beings with three things in common.

I’m speaking at a graduation ceremony tomorrow for a group of 5th graders who attend a Community Montessori School in Minneapolis. It’s an exciting experience in an awesome place full of amazing people. I should know. This isn’t my first time doing this. I’ve done this for the past 15 years in early June.

Today I’m talking about Super Heroes. Kid’s get that. Kids know that super heroes are remarkable beings with three things in common: they’re willing to sacrifice for others, they use their abilities for a greater good, and they understanding that they are created with unique powers.

What I’m reminding the kids of is that they’ve been surrounded by Super Heroes the whole way: When I step back and look at the whole scene, I see Super Heroes and I’m so grateful.

I’m so grateful for families who have sacrificed for one another, who have encouraged their kids at every turn, and when the going gets really tedious they love until it hurt.

I’m so grateful for teachers who use every ounce of their spirited abilities to inspire creativity, foster connectedness, become fully present, practice gratitude, and model generosity, and see this as their mission.

I’m so grateful for the students who are filled with pride when they discover the connections between their passions and the world around them, beginning with their classmates.

It’s pretty remarkable. It’s going to be an auditorium full of Super Heroes.

Who’s your Super Hero?


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