Together VBSToday’s Word: ‘together’ as in… we’re all in this together, and we’re certainly never alone; the Spirit is always breathing new life into us.

We’re concluding another fabulous week of VBS with a few hundred of our closest kiddo-friends. These are energetic, fun-loving, curious, and beautifully spunky if not somewhat sweaty-by-11:00-o’clock-in-the-morning creatures! Works of art, every one!

We explored the emotion of sadness this morning. I asked each of my five groups of about 45 kids to make a list of the things that made them sad. The room buzzed, and after two minutes and thirty-seven seconds, three things emerged: moving, the loss of a pet, and the death of a family member. In one group, a little girl began to cry, revealing that her grandma had recently died. I watched as the powers of presence, touch, and silence began to embrace her and pick her up. This sweet little girl was actually dealing with at least two emotions at once: loss, and feeling alone in that loss. “How many others of you in this room have lost either a pet or a family loved one?” I asked. Stunningly, nearly every one of the almost 45 kids had experienced that depth of loss. (By the way, these are all kids under 12.) It was a powerful moment as a room full of young people looked around and realized that grief, loss, death and sadness are things we all share in common. We all carry the weight together. And in that tender moment the weight of the load got a little lighter just knowing that someone else – and in this case nearly everyone else in the room had experienced some sadness.

We’re all in this together, and we’re certainly never alone. I’ll carry you when I can. You carry me when you can.

And the Spirit carries us all, always breathing new life into us.


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