Today’s Word: ‘UP’ as in… look up, help is on the way!

I’m leading a conversation with a couple dozen remarkable parents at a Family Recharge retreat. One of the layers we’ll be exploring together is what it means to trust God when we feel alone. There’s a connection here to an ancient story of a kid (let’s just call him Joseph) who is known for his dreams, a colorful coat, and a bunch of jealous hooligans for brothers who are known for their hooliganism.

Very much unlike Steph and Seth (yup, I just did that…), there’s no love lost at all.

The big hooligan brothers want to throw their little dreamer brother into eternity, but because they don’t want to have blood on their hands they throw him into a deep hole, a pit, a well.

So Joseph, the young dreamer brother, is down there in the pit and life looks really hopeless from that perspective. He feels like his life is closing in on him, his focus has narrowed, his perspective becomes very limited. He would describe his life by saying he was in a deep, dark place. He’d talk about what felt like a pit in his stomach, he’d say his current situation was like standing in a well with the water rising up around him.

Life gets like that at times, right? It’s deep and dark and it’s hard to see two feet in front of us. It feels like a hole, a pit, a well. But things didn’t stay like that way. As long as Joseph was looking down he couldn’t see any way out. But as soon as he looked up, everything changed. When he was finally able to look up just beyond where he was, up into the bright light of the new day, perspective changed and life took a thriving turn.

So look up, look in a new direction, get a new perspective, or, as my late friend Eugene Peterson translated Matthew’s words,

“Stand tall with your heads high. Help is on the way!”


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