looselyToday’s Word: ‘loosely’ as in… set free from the accumulation, the stuff, our excess, we begin to live more open heartedly, more open handedly, more generously.

There’s a fabulous snapshot of the early church in Luke 4:32-37 which provides a powerful example of what happens when people become part of a generous community. Generous communities nurture generous lives and generous lives nurture a more generous lives. The early followers of Jesus were leaning deeply into the thriving rhythms of living spirited, creative, connected lives by dwelling in the present with grateful hearts that were bent toward mission. Out of those thriving rhythms flowed a transformational understanding of generosity that we’re still talking about today! They had a vision of open-heartedness which led to open-handedness that we’re still practicing today. And the outcome was that there wasn’t a needy person among them.

Imagine! Not a needy person among them!

Something transformational happens when people create generous communities. When we take on the challenging work of being set free from the things in our lives – our accumulations, our collections of stuff, our attics full of boxes we’ve not looked at in years, we’re freed up to live more open handedly, more generously.

You know that feeling, don’t you?

It’s what you experience just after you’ve dropped off a car load of stuff at Mission Outpost, Good Will or the Salvation Army and you’re on your way home.

It’s that feeling of freedom and release and even joy of being able to bless someone else’s life with what they need.

Generosity creates joy and happiness. Generosity creates more generosity. Jesus knew that. The disciples knew that. The early church knew that.

And nothing about that has changed in the 2000 years since.


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