Today’s Word: ‘SEEDS’ as in… transformation begins with seeds of generosity.

I needed two things at the gas station: a bag of sunflower seeds for me and some gas for the car. So when I got to the pump, I pressed “Pay Inside” and began filling my tank. When I finished pumping the gas I walked into the store, got some seeds and went to the counter to pay. “Gas on pump 4,” I said, “and these seeds too, thanks.” The guy behind the counter rang up the seeds and said, “That will be $2.95.” I hesitated for a moment, and thought that he hadn’t heard me. So I said again, “Uhhh, I also had gas on pump 4.” That’s when the guy looked at me and said, “You’re all good. Someone already paid for your gas.”

Do you ever have a moment when none of the sentences someone is speaking to you make any sense? This was one of those moments.

“Someone paid for my gas? That was, like $45 dollars!” I said. “Yea, I know. A guy was just in here and said he knew you and he wanted to pay for it.”

I was absolutely overwhelmed by this act of generosity. That must have been obvious because after a couple of moments of just staring in disbelief, the guy behind the counter said, “You still want the seeds? That will be $2.95.”

Powerful things happen when generosity gets loose. Chances are most of us have been on either end of this story: giving or receiving. Either way, you know what that does in your heart. However the details may vary, one thing is always the same: the power of a generous act creates something deeply shifting in people’s lives.

Our mission as the Body of Christ is to be a generous community. Our mission has always been to live differently, to live generously and to model generous rhythms of life wherever we live, work and play.

Seeds of generosity!


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