Travel~image courtesy of Michael Tompsett

Today’s Word: ‘Travel’ as in… I’ll be traveling to Africa in eight days.

It will be an epic journey … just getting there—physically getting there, to say nothing of making our way home again will be the journey part. The epic part will be meeting new people and connecting with familiar friends. The kids, parents, pastors, teachers, drivers, cooks, interpreters, coaches, doctors, nurses, and friends… all of them brothers from other mothers and sisters from different misters. And through the process of meeting and listening, connecting and learning, sharing and celebrating, this beautiful globe that we all share together will somehow mysteriously become just a tad bit smaller.

All of this brings me back once again to Kent Nerburn’s poignant challenge to get out there, to go beyond, to explore, stretch, wonder and risk. Here’s what Kent writes:

“This is why we need to travel. If we don’t offer ourselves to the unknown, our senses dull. Our world becomes small and we lose our sense of wonder. Our eyes don’t lift to the horizon; our ears don’t hear the sounds around us. The edge is off our experience, and we pass our days in a routine that is both comfortable and limiting. We wake up one day and find that we have lost our dreams in order to protect our days.”

So for the next few days of preparing for all that is about to unfold, let’s think together about what it means to thrive as we travel into the unknown with our senses tuned and sharpened for wonder, and let’s anticipate at least one new experience every day so that we can truly break out of our familiar routine. Maybe then we can experience life beyond our wildest dreams.


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