Unknown Tomorrow RoadToday’s Word: ‘unknown’ as in… stepping into the unknown is something we’re all doing together.

I’m often reminded that we’re all right on the edge of something challenging, spectacular, risky, marvelous, dangerous, thrilling, hopeful, costly, and wonderful all at the same time. And yet, we have no idea what it is. Actually we do, but we don’t.

Hang tight. I can explain.

The “it” of course, is tomorrow. That much we do know. But the “it” of tomorrow is always unknown. And it’s unknown because not one person on the planet has been to tomorrow yet. What about time zones? You ask?

I know, right?

Nancy Lee and I got on a plane in Minneapolis on a Thursday night, flew a long, long distance and finally arrived in Sydney, Australia, many, many hours later… yesterday.



I digress.

Aside from clock and time hoopla, the entire human family is traveling together on a floating ball of beautiful dust, dirt, rocks and mostly water, hurtling through space at 67,000 miles an hour in a Milky Way Galaxy that’s 100,000 light years across in the same direction: into the unknown. We could be afraid, but we’re not. We’re not afraid because we’re all in this together; you’re going there with me and I’m going there with you.

But even more than that, the ancient scriptures remind us often that the Creator of all that is seen and unseen has already cut a groove, cleared a path, forged a way forward into the unknown of tomorrow and invites us to step into tomorrow with confidence.

So let me ask you: how can we move ahead in ways that make life more generative for everyone? How can we move into the unknown together in ways that help people thrive in their daily lives? What are the thriving rhythms that you practice that help others dance into the unknown? How can we help one another experience life, and more life as we move into tomorrow?

Let’s not make how we respond to these questions part of the unknown.


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