21 Seconds

21 SecondsToday’s Word: ’21 Seconds’ as in… short, sweet, to the point, transformational.

Right after the bumper music and before the content, the episode’s funders, supporters and sponsors are acknowledged. The 21 second announcement goes something like this:

“Support for this program comes from this foundation, these families, those organizations, that couple.”

My default behavior is to skip the commercials, using the time to adjust the volume, brew another cup, or even use the fast-forward to get to the actual content. But not this morning. This morning I replayed the 21 seconds of acknowledgements. I replayed it four more times. And then I transcribed it for Today’s Word. Here’s what I got:

“Support for this program comes from the Fetzer Institute; helping build the spiritual foundation for a loving world. Fetzer envisions a world that embraces love as a guiding principle and animating force for our lives. A powerful love that helps us live in sacred relationship with our selves, others, and the natural world. Learn more by visiting fetzer.org.”

21 seconds.

In 21 seconds the mission statement of the Fetzer Institute touched every thriving rhythm we’ve been working through here! We’re not alone, we’re really in this together and there are connections and partnerships at every turn! In the Rhythms collective we affirm that we thrive as missional people who embrace a vision of life and aliveness by creating a momentum of healing and unity by pursuing movements of hope and wholeness. Together we’re learning to live into the rhythms that bring all kinds of life and aliveness to the world. I’m convinced that the more we understand our interrelatedness with all of this, the better the world will be, wherever we are, today.

Got 21 seconds? You are spirited, creative, connected, present, grateful, generous , and missional human being. Pick just one today and make it hum.


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