Crickets.jpgToday’s Word: ‘Crickets’ as in… that sound that you hear when you’re expecting to hear something else.

We were in the midst of a memorial service. Some family members had just shared some poignant recollections of their loved one and a sanctuary full of family and friends considered how the greatest test of a person’s character is what people say about that person when he or she is no longer around. The word for that is “legacy.”

So imagine this: a room full of people are quietly considering the powerful legacy of their loved one’s impact on family and friends from the context of faith. My two musician friends are set to seal that moment with some remarkable music. And then just before they begin: crickets. Actually just one cricket. A ring tone! A cell phone was announcing a call with the sound of a cricket. There was a brief moment of comedy as the otherwise silent sanctuary was filled with this delicate sound. And while no one moved – mostly out of solidarity – everyone could imagine the horror the owner must be feeling trying to silence the cricket.

But in that very moment I caught myself asking an important question that perhaps we could all ask: “When people ponder the legacy we’ll all eventually leave, what will they hear in spacious moment? Silence? Will they hear crickets?

Or will they hear the loud roar of love and laughter? Will they hear crickets, or will they hear the humming of the thriving rhythms of spirited, creative, connected lives that knew how to dwell in the present with grateful hearts that were bent toward mission?

Now and forever after whenever we hear crickets—digital or otherwise, we’ll have a reminder to lean toward the latter! What’s one legacy you’re working today?


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