Dance (of Marriage)

DanceToday’s Word(s): The Dance of Marriageas in… 37 years; still dancing!

Her cheek was warm and soft on mine. My eyes were closed, and I didn’t want to move. But we were dancing, so I was more or less obligated. People would have talked if we’d just stood there, still as fence posts, awkward as junior high students in the middle of the gym floor, mesmerized by Bryan Adams belting out “Heaven.” But I didn’t much care at that point. It was “heavenly” at that moment. I didn’t want it to stop.

A few summers ago, Nancy Lee and I had the opportunity to co-officiate the wedding of some dear friends. At the reception a profound sense of wonder and gratitude rolled over me. After a really lively set, the band slowed things way down. Nancy Lee and I, already warm from the cardio workout, recognized the melody of the slow tune and paused. I stood in the middle of the dance floor, took Nancy Lee’s hands in mine, looked into her sweet face, and asked, rather playfully (if not a little suggestively),

“Hey you, wanna dance?” With a smile and a subtle bit of flirtation that has come to define how we’ve often interacted together she replied teasingly, “We already are.”

As I held her close, closed my eyes, and felt her warm cheek on mine, I was flooded with gratitude for the music between us that had kept us dancing together all those years.

We had danced to music that played when we had no idea what lay ahead, when we didn’t know what joys would overwhelm us, what challenges would undermine us, when we didn’t know what laughter would loosen us or tears would toughen us.

We had danced to music that played even as headaches pounded away on us, heartbreaks galvanized us, blessings were multiplied, and sadness was divided.

Today we’re still dancing to the music that always reminded us that even in the face of all we do not know, three things remain: we know that we have each other, we know that God has us, and we know that is enough.

37 years! Still dancing! xoxo


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