Different 2Today’s Word: ‘Different’ as in… the ‘third option’ in a binary world. We tend to default to binary distinctions: right or wrong, black or white, this or that, for or against, us or them. It’s human nature; we do this because it’s easy. However, when we operate in a binary environment we run the risk of missing out so much: the movement of the Spirit, healthy creativity, and the benefit of being connected to others in life-giving ways. We also tend to miss out on the gift of the present (you saw what I did right there, didn’t you?), the physiological benefits of expressing gratitude, and the power of generosity in a world that (rather desperately) could use a strong dose. And when we live in a strictly binary perspective we miss out on the wider mission of being fully human – partnering with God and one another in the ongoing work of creation.

Adaptability is my top Strenghtsfinder/Gallup strength. I can roll with anything, at anytime, anywhere. Honest. But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the tendency to a “go binary.”

So I often practice saying, “Well, that’s certainly different.”

Try it with me: in the next 24 hours when you experience something that’s just a bit out of your comfort zone, when someone voices a sentiment or offers an opinion that’s not in line with yours, when someone behaves in a way that rankles you a bit, just make this your mantra: “Well, that’s certainly different.” When it suddenly feels like you’re in a different country all together, just let it be different.

Who knows, that very moment could open the door to a whole new way of looking at things.


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