InspirationToday’s Word(s): ‘Inspiration’… as in as in someone recently asked me about the inspiration for “Today’s Word.”

“Where do you get your word?” “How long does it take to write it?” “How does the inspiration work?” “Why do you do this?” These are great questions.

It’s a fascinating process. I don’t go looking for a word; the word comes looking for me. And I can usually tell when the word finds me; I’ll be in a conversation and all of a sudden, there it is! ‘Today’s Word’ just reaches out and says, “Here I am!” (Hebrew: Hineini!) Then the content just rolls out. I don’t spend a lot of time “getting it just right” because, as Draymond Green would say, “At the end of the day it is what it is.” Sometimes it takes ten minutes to write. And there have been times when it’s taken a whole morning. I also try not to use a bunch of “God talk” because there’s a good bit of that language that no one speaks anymore. As a speaker and writer, and even as a song writer, I’ve always loved the challenge of writing about what God is up to – without actually referring to God. That takes us deeper into the wonder of it all and engages our imagination on a deeper level. The Divine is in it, for sure. There’s always a word, a phrase, a thought that connects to what the Spirit is up to in each moment. This raises another good question: What’s your word today? What’s the ‘Today’s Word’ for you?

Think of a conversation you’ve had, a thought that’s stuck with you; something you’ve read or heard. What word comes out of that and how could that word inspire you and others to thrive today?