WonderToday’s Word: ‘wonder’ as in… lost in the sheer wonder of new life!

Because I’m about 103 days (give or take a few minutes) from becoming a grandfather for the fourth time, (Soren and Bethany, October 12!), I’ve been dwelling in the sheer wonder of new life in general as well as the amount of information we have related to this particular growing work of art.

Early on we were introduced to an app that helps answer the question “How Big Is My Baby?” Week by week we’ve been introduced to a new seed, fruit or vegetable. We’ve imagined what it takes to grow from the size of a grain of salt to the size of a kidney bean by passing through the stages of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, lentils and blueberries. That’s just the beginning! There was great rejoicing growing from the size of a grape to a kumquat.

This child, growing in wisdom and stature went from the size of a fig to a lime, from a peapod to a lemon, from an apple to an avocado, from a pear to a bell pepper and on to an heirloom tomato then a banana, and then a carrot! Next up: spaghetti squash and then a mango, which was like growing from the size of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to two Pop-Tarts.

Now we’re talking!

But it doesn’t stop there: this beautiful child will develop from the size of a rutabaga, a red cabbage (popcorn ball), and then a cauliflower (Big Mac meal! Seriously?!)! From there it grows from a butternut squash (Kraft Mac & Cheese box) to an eggplant. On and on this progresses toward cantaloupe and honey dew, some romaine lettuce, a bunch of leeks, some Swiss chard and finally a pumpkin before the “Big Finish:” a watermelon.

It’s just a wonder.

There’s this great moment in the ancient Genesis poem where The Divine sits back and looks at what’s just been created. And in a moment of sheer wonder declares, “This is good… this is very, very good.”


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