Spirit - Coffee SteamToday’s Word(s): ‘SPIRIT’ … as in we are never, ever without the Spirit. Ever.

The gift of the Spirit was given to every one of us when God breathed life into humankind at the very beginning. It was, is and always will be a gift. The ‘wind of the Spirit,’ the ‘breeze of the Divine’ blows over, in, and around us, filling, animating, moving, sustaining us.

But when does God do that? When is the Spirit present? At birth? During gestation? 22 days after conception? At the moment of conception? Before that? I’m convinced that the only answer: “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, and Yes.”

However, many of us were taught early on that we had something to do with this; that we had to give God permission to go ahead and reside in us. But that’s like saying to God, “Hey, keep your distance until I tell you I’m ready. I’ll let you when.”

Wow, really? As Richard Rohr writes, “We have always made it hard for God to give away God—for free. Our fragile ego always wants to set a boundary, a price, an entrance requirement of some sort.”

Here’s my bottom line: If we’re breathing, the Spirit is within us. In the Creation Story, the writer tells us that the Holy Spirit moves, is active and breathing life into the emerging creation. Spirit, ruach, pneuma is breathed into us, animating us, bringing us to life!

There’s a beautiful picture of this in Genesis 2.7: God is gathering up the “dust of the ground,” forming humankind and breathing life-breath-Spirit into it. From that very moment, all the way up to and through this very moment, humankind is Spirit-filled, Spirit-animated, Spirit-moved, Spirit-sustained. The Spirit is gift. And we are never, ever without the Spirit.



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