Today’s Word(s): ‘TREASURE’ … as in you are a treasure and there’s no one exactly like you. So let’s just party to THAT!

I’ll bet there’s someone you know right now who needs to be reminded that they’re loved just the way they are – loved, as is. No hoops to jump through, no metrics to meet, no expectations to live up to, no love to earn. Loved fully and without condition. Just the way they are.

Our staff is getting ready to vacate one building and move to another. That’s given all of us the opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff that we don’t use, need, or even know we have. In a box labeled “treasures” that I haven’t looked at in quite some time I found a bundle of old music tapes. On one of the tapes was a collection of lullabies that we played every night at bedtime when our kids were little. The one song that got the most plays was “There’s No One Like You.” It’s a sweet little tune that lingers long after you’ve put it in a box labeled “Treasures” and stowed it away in storage.

Here are the words…

“I like your eyes, I like your nose, I like your mouth, your ears, your hands, your toes. I like your face, it’s really you, and I like the things you say and do! In all the world, in every town, you can look both up and down. But you will never find, it’s true, another one like You. There’s not a soul, that sees the skies, the way you see them through your eyes. And if you search for miles and miles, You’d know that no one thinks or smiles or sings or feels or acts or walks the very special way you do! And aren’t you glad, you should be glad, there’s no one, there’s no one, exactly like you.”

I didn’t have a cassette player to play it on, but that didn’t matter. I could still hear the melody somewhere deep inside. It was a great reminder!


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