MysteriousToday’s Word: ‘mysterious’ … as in it’s okay to let the mystery be mysterious.

I’ve been having some terrific conversations about the Spirit, and the questions that are emerging about the nature and character of the Spirit are revealing mostly about the where our ideas of all of this come from.

“Who is the Spirit?” “What is the Spirit?” “How does the Spirit interact with us?” “How can I be sure that the Spirit is in me?” “When does the Spirit show up?” “Do I have to ask first?” … because someone always wants to know if we’re filled with the Sprit, right?

Our Western culture has taught us to ask these questions. These are questions of “containment” and “measurement.” If we can answer these questions then we can contain the Spirit, we can measure the Spirit’s activity in us. We want to capture the Spirit, study it, slice, dice and then define the Spirit. We want to find a metric by which the Spirit can be measured so that when someone asks us if we are filled with the Spirit we’ve got something to say.

But at some point, isn’t it just okay to let the mystery be mysterious?

When we try to capture, study, slice, dice, define and measure, we run the risk of leaving out…

the Beauty of the Breath,

the Wind of the Spirit,

the Breeze of the Divine.

We run the risk of missing the Power of the Mysterious.

People describe this mystery in all kinds of ways: through conversations with God, through stirring music, even discomfort and vulnerability. Other’s describe the Spirit’s presence and movement as a nudge, a prompting, in laughter or tears, being speechless or even not being able to keep quiet about it.

I’ve found the Spirit to be deeply comforting; like having someone remind me that I’m loved, lovely, worthy, valuable; that I’m a treasure, a gift from God to the world.

At the end of the day, this just takes me back to my bottom line again. And that is this:

If we’re breathing, the Spirit is within us. What a treasure!


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