Today’s Word: ‘Toes’ … as in let’s be on them!

Near the end of the book of Galatians, Paul bids farewell to his friends in Ephesus. As he leaves he reminds them, “Now it’s up to you, be on your toes.”

This idea of being on our toes, alert and awake for Christ’s sake always takes me back to Mike Copeland, the son of Mary Jo Copeland, Mary Jo Copeland, the founder and director of Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis. When Mike was in high school he was a very well-known and popular kid. Growing up, Mike had a heart for the underdog, the outcast. With Mary Jo for a mom, how could he not? Some years ago Mike shared this story with me:

It was the lunch hour and Mike was sitting in a crowded cafeteria at table with his friends. Mike looked across the lunchroom and spotted another student sitting all alone, clearly on the edge of the social structure of the student body, clearly alone, clearly lonely. What Mike did next stunned and inspired everyone who was there. Mike got up from his table where he was surrounded by dozens of other students and walked over to the table where the other kid was sitting alone. Mike just sat down. He didn’t have to say a word. But in that moment the entire student body in that cafeteria was aware of the unspoken message from Mike Copeland:

“This other kid was important.”

Over the next several days, Mike befriended the young man, “gathered him in” to the community. Over the next several weeks, many of the students who had been sitting with Mike at the “popular table” had now joined Mike and his new friend at the “other table.”

A change took place in the school. Because Mike Copeland was “on his toes,” watchful, alert, and awake for the sake of the Gospel in a way that showed others how to physically be the presence of Christ for someone in need, a young man’s life was changed.

How will you be on your toes, watchful and alert today?


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