MomentToday’s Word: ‘moment’ … as in “be in the moment and enjoy it too.” So said the bride’s mom.

You know how it is when you’ve got some big project looming and you’re still minutes out, but it seems like you’ve got miles to go and you’re laser-focused on what’s next? Maybe it’s a goal or performance or commitment or a responsibility that necessitates attention, and you’re really focused on it; locked in on all of the details.

You know how that is? I do. (No pun intended.)

I’m officiating at a wedding, it’s a spectacular setting: right on the Mississippi River, in a grove of old growth old trees, beautiful landscaping, fresh mown grass, and not a bug in sight. Not one mosquito. The afternoon is perfect; I mean absolutely stunning. I’m making sure all of my details are covered; met with the bride and groom, talked with the parents, kibitzed with the photographers, and connected with the three wedding coordinators, all of whom are wired with walkie-talkies and wearing ear buds. (Nothing was getting by them!) It occurs to me how many details are pending at this very moment.

We’re only minutes out, but it seems like we’ve got miles to go. A few moments later I’m asked to walk the bride’s mom from the staging area to the back of the long walkway to the altar, which is just feet from the Mississippi. As the bride’s mom takes my arm, I ask how she is doing. That’s when she offers me this:

“I’m really doing well. I’m not one for getting overwhelmed by a lot of details, and that helps be in the moment and enjoy it too.”

Wow. What a great reminder … being in the moment and enjoying it too.

You know how it is when you’re looking so far ahead that you’re also running the risk of missing what’s right here, right now? I know you do.

So what do you need to do in order to make sure that you don’t miss this moment, right here, right now?


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