Today’s Word: ‘Moving’ … as in what happens when volunteers show up!

The day began with shouts of glad rejoicing! The volunteers arrived and with them the long anticipated migration across the parking lot into the new space for the staff at Prince of Peace!

With plans in place well in advance, everything is ready: four days of volunteering, each day with multiple 3-hour daily shifts, the consideration of kinds of abilities, the accommodation of all kinds of schedules, the anticipation of several different weather scenarios, and the offering of on-going child care. Start time for moving: 9:00 AM.




And what is most moving is the fact that the entire move took place in just five hours.

How on earth this something like that happen? I’ll just ask again, how on earth does something like this happen? Volunteers: people who give! People who sacrifice and show up! People who know the joy of serving, people who are willing to set aside their own schedules. People who love. People who are moved by love. That, my friends, is very moving.

And so, as the day ends, let it end with glad thanksgiving! Huge thanks to all of the volunteers who gave us this one very moving day!


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