RhythmToday’s Word: ‘Rhythm’ … as in there is a good Rhythm at work in the universe. It’s a hum, a divine frequency, a holy vibration, a sacred resonance, a spirited a pattern of thriving life.

I’m convinced that we’ve all got certain rhythms that move us through each day into deeper, wider, broader, more expansive ways of living generative, thriving lives.

But we should ask again, and again: What does it mean to thrive?

We’re exploring a good bit of that here in the Today’s Word Project. We can agree that thriving is a basic human desire. Certainly, the right of every human being is to thrive in his and her context. The basic trajectory of every human life is to grow, to move beyond the present moment and move into something even more. An important part of all of that is acknowledging where this all comes from.

As the Spirit breathes life into us, we are ‘inspired’ to breathe life into life all around us. (Go ahead and re-read that last sentence. I’ll wait… I know, right?)

One more thought on this before we head into Sabbath: Thriving is what you feel, what you know, what you’re convinced of when you look around the room at the people you love and care about and know that you are more fully alive and fully yourself in that moment than before.

That’s a good Rhythm in the universe.



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