Summer (part 1)

Summer 1.4Today’s Word: ‘Summer’ … as in where did it go?

There’s been a change; we’ve had a shift in the rhythms of life over these past weeks. Most families have shifted from summer mode to Back-to-School mode and the summer days we were just recently floating through have taken on a new kind of urgency. We’re just now getting ourselves wrapped around new rhythms for a new season.

I embraced a family last Sunday morning. They, like moms and dads all over the community were feeling the ache of “letting go.” Their ‘baby’ had grown up, had become educated – to some degree, had matured, had fallen in and out of love a couple of times, had grown into and out of countless styles of clothing – and winter coats. Their ‘baby’ had laughed and cried with a handful of really good friends through the years, had finally graduated from High School and decided to follow some dreams that had been encouraged and nurtured along the way. It was only for a moment, but as I stopped to say hello and looked into their eyes I could tell that these parents had been wondering how graduation from High School last spring had become such a distant memory so quickly; how quickly the month of September, that was once months in the future, was now finally upon them.

As I slowly walked away, wishing them peace in that moment, I couldn’t help think of my own granddaughters’ relatively recent entrance into the world of Elementary School. All I could think of was how fast these days go! How fast these years go! Who might it be who takes my hand a dozen years from now and says “Wow, it seems like only yesterday! So much has happened since then!”

[To Be continued…]


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