SensitivityToday’s Word: ‘sensitivity’ … as in it takes a bit of spirited (spiritual) sensitivity to become aware of these “Surely-the-Lord-is-in-this-place-and-I-did-not-know-it!” moments.

Just like our eyes adjusting to the light or the darkness, there is a process of training ourselves to be aware of how and where Spirit/God/the Divine is moving – in both the light and dark places.

And in the places in between.

We’ve explored moments like these in the context of ‘thin places’ – as our Celtic sisters and brothers have taught us. But again, there is a caveat: “God sightings” or “God moments” leaves the door open to the idea that if we don’t see God, or don’t know how to talk about “God showing up” it’s easy to think that God is not at work, or didn’t show up.

God is always at work and always present and always in and always with and always for us.


That’s what Jacob gave language to when he said, “Surely the Lord is in this place—and I did not know it!”

What language do you have to describe the ongoing Presence of God among us?


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