Summer (part 3)

Summer 1.3Today’s Word: ‘Summer’ … as in where did it go?

“My heart aches for you. I miss not having you close at this time of year when so much seems to be changing. Yet, in the midst of all of this there is a certain kind of … well, growing pain, I feel that isn’t so terribly unbearable. In fact, I’m learning to cherish that growth. And I hope you will learn to cherish that growing pain too, because it’s as much a part of you as all of the good times have been and always will be. Cherish those feelings NOW, explore them, before your roommate comes back and rustles around a bit before settling in for the night. And then after you’ve had that moment with the thoughts of a summer fled, then turn your thoughts ahead, to the busy, brighter, people-filled days you’ll soon be slipping through, and remember, it is to those moments that in time you’ll return and say, “Wow, it seems like only yesterday! So much has happened since then!”

I love you. I love you to the moon and back. Twice. P.S. Don’t forget to lay out your clothes for the first day of classes. And remember to say your prayers before you go to sleep.”


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