OriginToday’s Word: ‘ORIGIN’ as in… where does creativity come from?

I’m working on a couple of beliefs…

First, each of us has been created to be creative. Moment by moment we’re being created for the purpose of being creative. There is intention, movement and trajectory in both our creation and creativity.

Second, this creativity was breathed into us from the beginning. Our creativity has a Source.

In the beginning we had little if any trouble expressing this gift of creativity. Inside, we sat in our high chairs and made boats, fish and other creatures with our spaghetti noodles. We made rivers, lakes and streams with the sauce. Outside, we imagined new opportunities during rain showers which turned dirt into a remarkably useful artistic medium: mud. With that mud we made forts, houses, neighborhoods. We took handfuls of the dust of the ground and created old family members and even imagined new ones. And with a strange Impulse coming from who-knows-where-at-that-age, we took those lumps of earth and dirt and breathed life into pets and parents, buffalos and brothers, snakes and sisters, fish and friends. Then continuing to follow that strange but Generative Impulse, we gave each of them names. And as we looked at those creations that we had made in our image of them—made in the image we had in our creative minds, we declared out loud, right then and there: “It is good, it is very good.”

When we got a little older and went off to school, we explored new shapes and patterns with finger paint. As many of us moved through elementary and middle school into high school, we used our hands to create things with wood, fabrics, metals, glass. Beyond the classroom and on into young adulthood, our creativity continued with computers and words and phrases and music and songs and on and on it went. Indeed!

Where something wasn’t… is!

Think about that for another moment: Where something wasn’t… is!

But something happened somewhere in between “wasn’t” and “is” and everything changed.

What happened?

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