SpiritedToday’s Word: ‘SPIRITED’ as in… we thrive as spirited people by affirming that we are inspired, animated and enthused by the Source of all life, and that every breath is a gift.

What does it mean to be spirited, you ask? Well, when we talk about spirit, spiritual, spirituality, we’re really talking about things that are often beyond our capacity to explain, and in many cases understand fully.

And perhaps we don’t need to. After all, isn’t it always the case that we’re using finite words to describe or, at least, find some expression for the Infinite? Our language is limited. The meanings of words we use change over time; the nuances shift, the definitions fade, new ways of understanding old words come and go. This is true for spirituality.

So when we talk about spiritual lives – or as I prefer to say, our “spirited lives” and what that means, we’re really walking into mystery. We’re walking into one big, beautiful, funky, ancient, poetic, delicious, complicated, gnarly, expansive, wonder-filled mystery.

And that’s a good thing.

When we talk about spirituality, at some point we’re talking about breath, which is in its very essence, Spirit.

How does the Spirit animate you?



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