Today’s Word: ‘podcast’ as in… a fresh episode of the Rhythms Podcast is now ready for you!

Navigate to www.paulgauche.com/podcasts for some thoughts about thriving as missional human beings!

I’m sharing some thoughts on a Pep Talk to end all Pep Talks from the book of Acts; I’ll tell you a story about a 21st century community that’s still remarkably rooted in the 1st century understanding of a Spirited, Creative, Connected, Present, Grateful, Generous and Missional community.

There’s a bit there about an orphanage for dozens of children who have lost parents to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and a high school filled with highly motivated young leaders.

There’s a bit more there about a remote—and I mean remote village that’s got hospitality down to an art form; and there’s the reminder that it’s possible to experience joy for no particular reason! Whew!

Please don’t miss this. Listen to Episode 14: “Missional” It’s good stuff! It’s right here:



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